DVR DashCam DualLens HD GPS - only US$ 66 – free shipping

10/15/2013 09:38:04 PM | offer | Mini DV cameras
Today we will introduce our product of X8000A 1.3 MP CMOS 140’ Wide Angle Dual Lens + 180’ Rotatable Lens Car DVR with GPS and G-sensor, Audio Stereo. The purpose of the camera is to show proof of faults in an accident, capture video of hit and run accidents, capture video of an accident or event oc ... curring in front of you, provide evidence proving your case in traffic court, and also for capturing scenic drive footage. Item No.: 12006968 Direct Link: [URL]http://www.bit.ly/171pBzx[/URL] only US$ 66.55 - € 50,50 FREE SHIPPING [URL]http://www.CAR-DVR.tk[/URL] Car-DVR-Recorder from US$ 28.30 - € 21,45 Cheap price shopping for electronics, computer parts, apple accessories, health & beauty, iPhone, iPad, Smartphones, Watchphones, video games, cell phone accessories, home & garden and more

Price:$ 66



www link:http://www.bit.ly/171pBzx

Georg Klaus

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